9. DJCoin: the future

9. DJCoin: the future

So, what’s the future for DJCoin?

We see DJCoin as pervading all aspects of the dance music community. In effect owners will become members of an elite club with access to all sorts of discounts to merchandise, tickets and music.

We see the value of DJCoin increasing and, hence, your investment increasing with an ever-larger base of DJC holders.

We see DJC as becoming a tool for validation and authentication. This could be used to verify votes in our Top 100 polls, or attendees at our events 

This is an opportunity for you to get involved in a cryptocurrency at its infant stage, and at a very low cost. Each DJC costs just £1.

To date, pre-launch circulation is already above 1,100,000 coins. Do not miss the boat.

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