DJCoin (DJC) is a utility token for the electronic dance music community. It was created on 22nd November 2020 using the Tron blockchain. Details of the coin can be found on Tronscan.


DJC is limited 210,000,000 coins and its price is regulated by the number of coins in circulation. The price is controlled by a smart contract (DJCoinPrice) which is committed to the blockchain and cannot be changed.


The first 20,000,000 DJC are priced at £1. Thereafter, the price rises exponentially to a limit of £1,003,467.87 for the last coin.

Dual Register

DJCoin resides on two registers: 1) Tron - a publicly distributed register and 2) DJCoin.io - a private register. Both registers are blockchains and immutable.

Eco coin

DJCoin miners operate out of The Bahamas and run 100% off solar energy. DJCoin is truly an eco coin.

Phase 1: Utility Token


DJC will be used as a token of membership to our dance music community offering entitlements and benefits to owners. These benefits will vary and increase during your ownership. Benefits currently include a huge reduction (up to 100%) on items in our shop djmagshop.com.

Phase 2: Exchange and crypto-currency

After the initial 20,000,000 coins have been sold, the price of DJC will rise (based on DJCoinPrice). This will offer an opportunity for owners of DJC to sell their coins on a DJCoin.com exchange.

Phase 3: e-Money

Roll out to 3rd-party ticketing sites, streaming services and nightclubs.


DJCoin is a utility token which will be used across DJ Mag's platforms, with potential uses ranging from validating votes to offering holders discounts in the DJ Mag Shop. However, as the circulation increases so does the price. This will offer initial buyers an opportunity to make a profit on their coin through our exchange. The more popular DJCoin becomes the more it transitions from a utility coin to a store of value.