The word's first cryptocurrency for dance music fans worldwide

  • Built on Tron

    DJCoin was committed to the Tron blockchain in November 2020. After 14 months of extensive testing, it is now ready for public release.

  • A Finite Amount

    DJC is limited to 210 million coins. It is a finite amount. Once all 210 million are in circulation, DJC will only be available on the secondary market.

  • 1 Million Already Owned

    Response to pre-sale and private sales has been unprecedented. 1.1 million DJC are already in circulation.

Exclusive member benefits

  • Store of value

    Due to the DJCoin smart contract, DJC is guaranteed to increase in value the more it is purchased. This locks in value when compared to devaluing fiat currencies.

  • Validation and Authentication

    DJC may be used to authenticate users across DJ Mag's digital channels and platforms. This could be used to verify votes in DJ Mag's polls (with combined annual votes over 2 million) or attendees at DJ Mag's 100+ annual events.

  • Exclusive holder rewards

    Holders of DJC get immediate discounts across all DJ Mag products purchased from the DJ Mag shop, collectible chips to show off their purchase and exclusive access to DJ Mag members-only content (coming soon)

Meet the founder

Owner of DJ Mag and founder of DJCoin, James Robertson explains the key characteristics of DJC, and why you should invest today.