Cologne-based DJ/producer Sandilé releases some of the warmest, soulful house music in Europe. Her most well-known track, ‘Feelin So’ — which was released on the highly respected Suol label — has warm pads and a deep house groove offset by tough beats, while ‘MJ Flip’ on Black Catalogue is a shimmering delight. Sandilé has also released on labels such as Future Shock Musik, I’m In Love, Neovinyl, Certain Circles and Aluku. 

Her musical journey began at school, during which time she had piano and drum lessons. “But after I finished school and quit my band, I just felt like there was something huge missing in my life. That’s when I got into producing and DJing, and everything just developed from there,” she says. Sandilé didn’t initially intend to become a full-time DJ/producer. “But I’m now one of the few lucky ones, who actually got to turn their passion into a job,” she adds.

She’s already looked into the whole bitcoin/cryptocurrency topic in-depth, and has a strong, positive opinion about it. “It’s the future. As simple as that,” she says. “In the music industry it will, just as everywhere else, take a leading role in the future.”

Photo: Ben Tauber 

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