Get 50% off all merch in the DJ Mag shop

Get 50% off all merch in the DJ Mag shop

DJCoin is offering a new DJ Mag merch promo for all DJCoiners.

DJCoin holders, aka DJCoiners, will receive a unique code on Wednesday November 2nd activating a 50% discount on all merch in the DJ Mag shop, which includes DJ Mag's black cuffed beanie, cotton T-shirts, and a tote bag. You can see what's up for grabs over at the DJ Mag shop.

All you have to do is email your wallet ID to in order to be sent a unique discount code. DJCoin owners can find their wallet ID by logging in at

The promotion is open to all holders of DJCoin. Find out more about DJCoin and how to join the DJCoin community here.

There's still time to enter our latest DJCoin competition! We're offering five lucky DJCoiners the chance to win a DJ Mag slipmat and UDG headphone case. Find out how to enter the competition here.

We recently caught up with Grammy-nominated one-man electronic act Tycho to get his thoughts on Web3 and hear all about his new Tycho Open Source fan community. "I’ve met fans at shows who met through the community and it’s really cool to see people with common interests making those kinds of connections", he told us. Read our interview with Tycho here. 

This exclusive content is produced thanks to DJCoin members. To ensure continued access to these features, join the DJC community today from just £1. 

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