Get 50% off a year-long DJ Mag subscription

Get 50% off a year-long DJ Mag subscription

DJCoin is launching a new discount promo for DJCoiners.

All DJCoiners, aka holders of DJCoin, will receive a unique code offering 50% off a year-long DJ Mag subscription.

DJCoiners can pick up their discount by emailing their wallet ID to You can find your wallet ID by logging in at The promo ends on 31st October.

Recent DJ Mag cover stars include TSHA, who opened up to us about the pressures of DJing and the scourge of online trolls, 'chill drill' trailblazer Knucks, and international superstar Jamie Jones.

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In order to qualify for the promotion, you just need to own DJCoin. Find out how to join the DJCoin community and what it's all about here.

Earlier this month, we chatted to Panorama Bar resident Paramida about DJing, running a label, launching an NFT and developments in the Web3 space. “I definitely think that blockchain is one of the best things that happened there, so I think that in itself is already really exciting," she said. Read our interview with the Berlin DJ here.

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