23-year-old DJing and production duo Ken and Andy, aka TIBASKO, started off making music together about four years ago. Their first release was pushed out on their own label, Omusare Records, and it quickly rocketed to over a million streams across all platforms. They’ve since gone on to release their tribal/progressive productions on labels such as Another Rhythm, Stress and W&O Street Tracks, and were picked out by none other than Pete Tong at the end of last year as Future Stars for 2021.

Andy already has a small holding in Bitcoin and Ethereum. “Cryptocurrency has gained huge amounts of popularity recently, especially as people want to take away the idea of a government being able to control and oversee transactions,” he says. “Of course, with all cryptocurrencies there is a big risk factor — we’re certainly no financial advisors. A lot of this stems from people having a lack of trust in a non-tangible item like crypto; gold can be held and traded, whereas bitcoin is just pixels. DJCoin won’t make us rich, but instead will allow us to buy and interact with DJ Mag and the music industry in a way that is current — and what we believe to be the future.

“I believe DJCoin will be incredibly popular within the music industry,” he continues, “the target demographic is perfect with the DJ Mag audience being already tech-savvy, and potentially well versed in the modern world of cryptocurrency. I imagine a world in which I can buy my festival ticket with the same currency as I use to buy merchandise, and my transaction itself will include all the details of my ticket on it.”

Photo: Kit Powis

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