Kriz LaFraize photo by Stefan Armbruster

Kriz LaFraize

Kriz LeFraize grew up in a musical household, learning piano and guitar and singing as a child. When she discovered the DJ world while a fashion design student, she was immediately hooked; she quickly learned how to DJ hip-hop before morphing into an emerging electronic music DJ/producer around 2014. “The rebirth of Moog Synthesizer, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Cryptocurrency and now NFT have caught my attention so deep, these influence and inspire me as an artist and business woman,” she says. “This passion I like to share with my audience, and also encourage women to step on stage and explore new technologies like bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

“For the music business, I regard these technologies as a major boost to free us all,” she continues. “There is so much potential in cryptocurrency and DJCoin and I wish to benefit from this system for what I am passionate about. We are in a time of change, so let’s also revamp the structure and mindsets, and establish new technologies in the way we celebrate, listen to music, and consume art. As an early adopter and a futurist, I believe in creating an attractive, transparent and easy way to transact payments on festivals, merchandising, streaming, producing music — it’s going to be so much fun.”

Photo: Stefan Armbruster

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